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We focus on a common sense approach to waterproofing and drainage, not franchise gimmicks. Water issues are a common problem throughout the East End, however, the solutions are unique to each home. The fact that no two houses encounter the same level of water intrusion, simply means that the corrective measures need to be specific for each individual home. Although many basement companies resort to sub-slab perimeter drains as their first and only method of stopping water its still a mechanical technique. This method works well for a typical CMU block foundation, but it should not be applied to every situation like a band-aid.

It is critical at the initial visit to establish the source of the water that is threatening the house and property. Here on the East End we encounter problematic water from three primary sources; storm water run off, elevated groundwater tables and mechanical (irrigation and/or domestic water supply). Many times we are called upon to simply troubleshoot an existing mechanical system and find that the system is clogged to the point that water cannot reach the pump. Why did this happen to a system that worked perfectly for several years? Simply due to the fact that anytime you invite outside unfiltered water into your home you run the risk of clogging the system that's designed to discharge effluent water. Why not repair the structural flaw and stop the water at its source if possible. We do offer custom designed perimeter sub-slab systems for our clients that require this as their last line of defense. Custom designed because each basement is different and not every budget is the same. From simple sump pumps to high end elaborate systems that network into your homes security system we can custom design to meet any requirements when this type of solution is needed.

Purchasing a 'system' from a franchise outfit that uses the same approach nationwide is like going to one physician for all your medical needs.

Everyone’s health is affected by indoor air quality. Moisture coming through a concrete basement floor and walls, due to moist soils, can trigger adverse effects. Please explore our website for further details and helpful hints on how you can reduce the amount of moisture in your home.

20 years of background knowledge of the East End’s soil conditions and groundwater tables. We are not a franchise and do not push exclusive waterproofing systems; instead, we offer custom solutions developed for your specific needs

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