New Home Construction complete with foundation wall cracks.

Water entering through foundation wall cracks is very similar to cold joint leaks from the point of origin. There are several reasons why a foundation wall will crack. Settlement cracks from poor soils or lack of soil compaction. Forced backfill cracks are the direct result of heavy unclassified soils placed against the foundation wall exerting excessive pressure on the wall, resulting in a stress crack. Another forced backfill crack can come from mechanically placed materials being compacted by the equipment operating too close to the foundation wall, often within the overcut. Foundations backfilled before the design strength is achieved or weak concrete (that is concrete that does not meet the design criteria when it leaves the batching plant) can lead to wall cracks. Foundations can be stressed simply by heavy unclassified soils and poor grading combined with freezing temperatures, leading to a frost-heave pressure on the wall. Shrink cracks are natural characteristics of concrete. It’s a well-known fact that concrete shrinks as it cures. Foundation cracks can be addressed by the two following methods:



Foundation wall displacement due to heavy unclassified backfill material combined with frost heave.