Left: Clogged gutters. Right: Drainage.

The first ten feet around the foundation are critical to positive drainage. Roof runoff and surface water should be directed by the final grade to areas at least ten feet from the foundation so that standing water does not migrate back to the foundation walls. If possible, the roof drains should be routed through leaders so that the large volume of water deposited will drain away to a lawn or wooded area. (See image below) Underground piping to either a drywell or surface emitter should have solid connections at the house to prevent the downspout from becoming dislodged. Special attention to the overcut areas around the foundation and adequate grading to direct water towards swales and down slopes. Small catch basins in combination with drywells or emitters can be used effectively to redirect storm water that cannot be graded away naturally. Sometimes the placement of a swimming pool, garage, parking area, patio or landscaping will restrict water flow and in this case water should be collected and redirected to a drywell or low impact area of the property. Please call to schedule an appointment to review your property’s grading concerns.