In many parts of this country, it is standard practice to place sump pumps in the basement of homes. The sump pump serves as a means to eject water that enters the basin to an area outside the home. It can also prove invaluable in the event of a plumbing failure where a water supply line ruptures and begins filling the basement area. Most often a sump pump is too small, lacking the G.P.M. to evacuate the water during flooding conditions or the design of the basin does not work with the specific needs. Every basement is different; requiring a system designed to handle average water intake easily and the possibility of a worse-case scenario. Most often we are called in to review an existing system and many times it’s  the result of the sump pump system having failed at some point, causing loss of the basement contents. These pumps need to be inspected by a professional on a regular basis to ensure proper performance of your investment. This inspection should check the operation of the pump and check valve(s) as well as the basin and related piping including the discharge point. Many of the systems that fail are due to human error; cleaning personnel sweeping debris into the basin resulting in a clogged pump or check valve. Electrical connections being unplugged stand as the highest of all common causes behind a pump not working properly. We can provide a thorough review of your system free of charge and outline any recommendations if needed.

Sub slab drainage, new construction.

Some areas of our country are not blessed with the granular sand that we have here on the east end and in these cases a sub-slab drainage system is installed to intercept water that may be present due to hydrostatic pressure. In many of the homes here on the east end that are dealing with high groundwater tables, we install sub-slab drainage systems or slab overlay systems to correct the problem. Please call for an appointment to review your specific needs and we can discuss the available solutions.

Sub slab drainage cut into existing basement.