Flying Point Road

In the past 20 years, many homes have been built here on the east end. There are cases where a foundation is placed two feet or less above groundwater at the time of construction and then several years later standing water is witnessed on the basement floor slab. In some cases, there may only be one house on the entire street that has a full basement because it was constructed during a dry period that may have lasted several years. Soil conditions and the proximity to bodies of water, tidal or otherwise, can play a significant role in how groundwater tables relate to water accumulating on a foundation floor slab. Many homeowners here in the Hamptons who have owned their homes for more than 20 years claim that we are experiencing the effects of global warming because they never had these problems, even in the wettest of seasons in years past. In Sag Harbor for example, many of the areas oldest homes exist and some basements never dry out; there is a constant state of standing water in the basement. These homes date back to colonial times and have foundations created from ships’ ballast. Whaling ships carried these stones here from overseas and returned with whale oil. These stone foundations are hundreds of years old and there are certain indicators to where the original floor once existed and now it is underwater. Certainly, no one ever considered placing furniture, clothing and other valuable  articles in these areas back in those days. Today however, it is the growing trend to max-out the square footage of a new home by improving the basement area of the home and using it for such things as family rooms, recreation areas and home theaters, just to mention a few. We are experienced in determining groundwater impacts on the east end. Perhaps you already have a home that you suspect has groundwater issues or are planning to construct a new home in an area that has a history of groundwater problems. Call us to schedule an appointment to review your property and put our local background knowledge to work for you.