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Many homeowners experience water issues and are reluctant to deal with the problems because they are often thought to be very expensive endeavors. The fact is that most basement flooding costs more to clean up properly than to repair. Most of the foundation leaks and concrete damage are a result of poor workmanship and low quality materials. Many homeowners that have spent countless hours cleaning up a wet basement or lower level of the home are faced with the reality that eventually this will occur again. For many people, it is frustrating and costly to replace ruined items that have been affected by water damage, but yet they deal with it for many years. As a home suffers from water entry and subsequent water damage, the problem progressively gets worse. The reason for this is because water follows the path of least resistance and gradually over time the problem encompasses a larger area due to the fact that the water will continue to enter until its path is interrupted. To many do-it-yourself homeowners, waterproofing is a simple matter that can be accomplished with many products available at local home improvement centers. The truth is that many products available to the consumer are no different than over-the-counter medications. Serious waterproofing and concrete repairs require a professional with years of local experience and know-how to accurately prescribe the right materials and use the latest techniques available.

If you have a client that has been dealing with water issues of any size, all it takes is one simple phone call to set up an appointment for a free, no obligation review of their conditions.


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