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How serious is a wet basement?

A wet basement can be very serious. See some interesting facts below.

Chronically wet houses are linked to respiratory problems related to mold.

Frequent occurrences can result in long-term structural and equipment damages.

Insurance rates may rise to compensate for repeated flood claims and/or loss of flood coverage.

Property value may depreciate because the basement is prone to frequent flooding.

Possible loss of the contents stored in the basement (photos, clothes, furniture and family heirlooms).

Can I use a waterproofing sealant available from a
home improvement store?

Sure, to damproof the walls to reduce the amount of “water vapor” that passes through the concrete. Read the disclaimer before you purchase any of these over-the-counter wonders and note that they will not stop active water flow or work on defective concrete.

Is a wet basement a common problem?

Yes, unfortunately it is a common occurrence on the East End for many reasons. However, in many cases basement water problems may be avoided with some practical steps that you can take to prevent water from getting inside.


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